What is the working principle and use characteristics of the bell furnace?

What is the working principle and use characteristics of the bell furnace?


Bell furnace

Bell furnace is widely used in industrial production of cast iron smelting equipment, simple operation, low energy consumption advantages.



It uses coke as fuel, coke combustion produces heat directly using the melting temperature of molten iron burden and improves the energy saving ratio of electric arc furnaces and other furnaces. And the equipment is relatively simple and can be used on a factory scale.



The hood furnace also has some disadvantages, mainly due to direct contact with coke and hot metal, molten iron will occur in the smelting process, in the process of growth by carbon and sulfur.


In order to take full advantage of the higher melting efficiency of the furnace, the degree of overheating of the iron and chemical liquid in the furnace, arc furnace and induction furnace is easily controlled by the furnace components.


Usage characteristics:


1. In the smelting process of the hood furnace, the lower part of the furnace body is filled with coke, coke, called the bottom. Batch processing contains alternating pig iron, scrap steel, return charge, ferroalloys and other materials, iron materials, coke and fluxes (limestone, fluorite, etc.) above the bottom of the coke.


2. By blowing, the gas generated in the coke burning furnace at the bottom so strong rises along the height direction in the furnace body to the molten iron material at the top. During the fall of the molten iron the furnace gas and coke are further heated (superheated), the hot molten iron reaches a temperature of about 1600 ° C, and then flows through the bridge of the front furnace.


3. As the hot metal temperature dropped to a slight iron temperature last year, it was about 1380 ~ 1430℃. The process of furnace ironmaking is not a simple metal charge remelting process, but involves a series of physical and chemical changes in a complex process.


4. The charge of molten metal, relative to the total amount of carbon after the increase in the composition of hot metal, manganese and other alloying elements, will be reduced due to the combustion of higher sulfur content, which is caused into molten iron coke sulfur.


bell annealing furnace

HOT SALE:Bell Type Bright Annealing Furnace


Annealing carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel and copper/alloy strip etc..



Product Descrption:


1) bright annealing under protective atmosphere;


2) atmosphere gas can be ammonia decomposing gas or h2 hydrogen;


3) temperature automatically controlled by PLC system;


4) Processing production PLC control system;


5) module design, flexible and easy for production expansion in the future;





Type:  Bell type


Heating method: Gas, Electricity


Protective gas: Ammonia decomposing gas or hydrogen


Max. loading per bell: 24 tons


Max. coil dia: 1400mm


Max. loading height: 2900mm


bell type furnace


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