Annealing furnace action

Annealing furnace action


Annealing furnace

I firmly believe that many companies understand that the annealing furnace is a commonly used heat treatment electric furnace, for some friends who are not too familiar with the basic principle of the annealing furnace are a little confused, the following is a specific introduction by me for everyone what the role of the annealing furnace.

Friends who understand the heat treatment process know about annealing furnaces, annealing furnaces are widely used in chemical plants, crude oil, food, metallurgical industry, machinery and equipment, light industry, power engineering, ships, paper industry, mining, pharmaceutical, central heating and other industries of heating, cooling, cold, volatilization and other technical operations. In the article, I combed through some materials, and introduced the basic principle and function of the annealing furnace for us.

annealing oven

Principle of annealing furnace:

According to the circulation system of the fan, the temperature in the furnace chamber of the annealing furnace can be evenly distributed, and the two furnace chambers of the annealing furnace can be operated independently, which improves the annealing efficiency. 

There are two fans in each furnace chamber, but there is no gas filtration system, which is different from the actual situation. According to the fan circulation system, the temperature in the furnace is evenly distributed, and the macro structure of the plastic film raw materials is recombined according to the heat treatment process to improve the reliability and conversion efficiency. The cast parts are heated to about 950 ° C, and the heat insulation is kept for a certain period of time and then cooled appropriately, which is used to remove the thermal stress of the steel cast parts and weldparts.

 For steel products after heating gradually produce martensite temperature of the following 100 ~ 200℃, heat insulation after cooling in the air, you can remove the thermal stress.

The function is to slow up the metal material to a certain temperature, maintain a good time, and then cool at a suitable rate (usually slow cooling, sometimes manipulated cooling) of a metal material heat treatment method. The goal is to soften raw materials or product workpieces produced by casting, forging, welding or drilling, improve plasticity and ductility, equalize components, remove residual stress, or obtain desired mechanical properties. 

The annealing process varies with the destination, such as recrystallization annealing, isothermal process annealing, homogenization annealing, gray cast iron annealing, removal of internal stress annealing, plastic deformation annealing, and anti-aging annealing, electromagnetic field annealing.

bright annealing furnace 

Annealing action:

1, improve or eliminate the steel in the casting, casting, cold rolling and electric welding operation process of various institutional shortcomings and residual stress, to avoid product workpiece deformation, cracking.

2, soft product workpiece is easy to carry out turning production and processing.

3, optimize the crystal, improve the mechanism to improve the physical properties of the casting.

4, prepare the mechanism in advance for the final heat treatment process (heat treatment, quenching).

The above is our in-depth explanation of the role of the annealing furnace, I believe that you already know that the role of the annealing furnace can greatly enhance the quality of the heat treatment process, so that the company has a very large stable production quality. I hope this article can help those who need it.


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Annealing furnace

annealing oven

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